Ring is an open-source communication tool developed by Savoir-Faire Linux. It is an alternative to Skype application that implements cutting edge security techniques and prioritizes the privacy and freedom of users. Ring can be used for instant messaging, audio and video calls over the internet. It is available for installation in Linux, Windows, macOS, and Android. This article is about explaining how to install the Skype alternative Ring in your Debian system.

Some of its features include:

  • Decentralized communication
  • End to end encryption
  • Unlimited Audi/video calls
  • Available in various languages
  • Automatic call answering
  • Screen sharing
  • Call holding and recording

Why prefer Ring over Skype

In Linux, you can use Skype web-based application for communication over the internet however, it does not work well in terms of its UI and sound quality. Also, the security and privacy of users on Skype are compromised as it stores all users’ data on a centralized server.

There are many other solutions developed as an alternative to Skype, however, Ring, is the only best solution so far. Unlike Skype, Ring is the decentralized solution that works on a distributed network. So why not try the Ring application that offers the same features as Skype does while maintaining security and privacy.

Note: We have used Debian 10 for running the commands and procedure mentioned in this article.

Ring Installation

To install Ring, we will need to add its official repository for Debian 10. To do so, open the Terminal. Go to the Activities tab in the top left corner of your desktop. Then in the search bar, type the keyword terminal. When the search result appears, click on the Terminal icon to open it.

Now in the Terminal, execute the following command in order to add the official repository for Ring:

$ sudo sh -c "echo 'deb https://dl.ring.cx/ring-nightly/debian_10/ ring main' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ring-nightly-main.list"

Download Ring

Now for the above added repository, add gpg key using the following command:

$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys A295D773307D25A33AE72F2F64CD5FA175348F84

Add Ring repository key

Now update the system repository index with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get update

Update packages

Once you are done with the above steps, run this command to install Ring application in your system:

$ sudo apt-get install ring

Install Ring application

The system might ask for confirmation by providing with the Y/n option. Hit y and then Enter to continue. After that, the Ring will be installed on your system.

Launch Ring

To launch Ring, hit the super key on your keyboard and search for it by typing the keyword or you can search Ring from the list of installed applications.

When launched, you will see the following view. To create the new Ring account, click on Create a local account.

Launch Ring app on Linux

The following will appear for you to create a new account for Ring. Enter the required details such as username, password and click Next.

Create account

As we are creating the local account, so it will suggest to backup your account so that in case you lost the device, you still able to use the account. If you do not want to backup, click on the Skip button.

Configure account backup

After that, you will be presented with the following window with your Ring ID that you can share it with anyone you want to communicate with. Moreover, if you want to configure the Ring settings to your specifications, just click the Settings icon at the top of the window.

Ring on Debian Linux

The following window will appear where you can configure some general settings. For instance, to auto start Ring on login, enable notifications for calls, messages, and requests, configuring chatview, etc.

Ring system settings


In case, you want to uninstall Ring from your system, run this command:

$ sudo apt-get remove ring

Uninstall Ring

The system might ask for confirmation to uninstall by providing with Y/n option. Hit y and then Enter to continue. After that, the Ring will be removed from your system.

That is all there is to it! In this article, we have learned how to install Skype alternative Ring in Debian 10 system. With Ring, you can now communicate without worrying about the privacy and security of your communications. In case, you want to remove the Ring application, the procedure is also explained at the end of the article.

How to Install the Skype alternative Ring on Debian 10

Karim Buzdar

About the Author: Karim Buzdar holds a degree in telecommunication engineering and holds several sysadmin certifications. As an IT engineer and technical author, he writes for various web sites. He blogs at LinuxWays.