In Mozilla Firefox, which is pre-installed on most Linux distributions, there is a title bar above the tabbed area which takes up more space than necessary.

However, with Firefox version 60, a feature has been added that allows better use of screen space by adding a space-saving title bar. This feature, known as client-side decoration and often abbreviated as CSD, combines the Firefox main title bar and tab bar into a single bar. It gives Mozilla Firefox a neat and compact look. You can access all options such as Minimize, Maximize and Close from the unified tab bar.

The client-side decoration feature can be easily activated from Firefox customization mode. In this article we will explain how to enable the client-side decoration feature of Mozilla Firefox on a Debian operating system. We will use Debian 10 to explain the procedure described in this article, but you can follow the same procedure for other distributions.

Here is the default view of Mozilla Firefox. You can see the separate title and tab bar at the top of the browser window.

Enable CSD in Firefox

Enable CSD (Client Side Decoration) mode in Firefox

Now we will see how to enable client side decoration feature in Firefox so that it looks better on the screen. So to test CSD, you need to install Firefox version 60 or later. If you are already using the previous version of Firefox, only update your browser to version 60 or later.

Step 1: To enable CSD, first launch the Firefox browser in your system.

Step 2: Next, click on the hamburger icon on the top right corner of the Mozilla Firefox window to launch the main menu. When the menu appears, click on Customize.

Customize Firefox

It will open a customization tab in Mozilla Firefox.

Step 3: You will see a checkbox at the bottom labeled as the Title bar. This checkbox is checked by default. Uncheck that box and click Done to apply changes. You can see the below screenshot for a clear understanding.

Change Title bar

The changes will take effect instantly.

As you can clearly see that client side decoration feature is giving a compact look to your browser by uniting the title and tab bars. It is giving a compact look while also providing a larger window for the client and less for the browser itself.

Now compare the below screenshot with the one above without the CSD enabled. You can see that client-side decoration feature.

client-side decoration feature

That is all there is to it! We have learned how to enable and try Firefox CSD on a Debian OS. If you no more like this feature, Firefox still offers to return to the traditional Mozilla Firefox window by again checking the box labeled as Title Bar.

Save Desktop space with Firefox CSD mode on Debian 10

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