5 Ways to Open or Launch an Application in Debian

Debian Launch Application from Desktop

The calculator is one of the basic tools of any operating system. The Linux operating system also includes a calculator application, which is perfectly sufficient for basic use. You can solve both simple and complex mathematical equations. By default, the calculator application in Linux appears in a simple mode. However, to perform more advanced calculations, … Read more

Common uses of the Touch command on Rocky Linux 8

Touch Command on Rocky Linux

In Linux distributions, each document that is created on the system is provided with some timestamps. Each document must store the information about the last access time, the last modification time, and the last modification time. So all the timestamp information is updated when you create, access or modify a file. The “touch” command is … Read more

How to Install gvim Editor on Debian 11

Graphical VIM Editor

If you have already worked with vim editor, gvim is a similar tool but it has a graphical user interface. In this small article, I am going to show you the method of installing gvim editor on Debian version 11 using its terminal. Before you actually start the installation, open up the terminal and run … Read more

How to Use the Linux Top command

Linux top Command usage

The top command in Linux lets you monitor running processes and the system resources they use. As a system administrator, it can be the most useful tool in your toolbox, especially if you know how to use it. The top utility is pre-installed on all Linux distributions. With this interactive command, you can specify how … Read more

How to Password Protect a File in Vim Editor

Password protected text file in vim editor

The Vim editor can be described as a text editor for programmers. It is upward compatible with the Vi editor and can be used to write and edit simple files and programs. Besides the many extensions it offers, the Vim editor can also be used to password protect your text files. In this article, we … Read more

How to Install vim editor on Debian 11

Vim Editor

Vim is a short form of Vi IMproved. It is an open-source and free tool with a command-line interface and a Graphical User Interface. This article will show you how to install vim editor on Debian 11 using the terminal. To get started, you need to open up a terminal with root privileges and update … Read more

How to Install and Use Podman Container Engine on Rocky Linux 8

Podman Container Engine

Podman is a free and open-source daemon-less container engine that was developed by RedHat. It exists to help developers manage and deploy their applications in a Linux environment. Similar to the Kubernetes platform, Podman works with pods. Podman seeks to be the alternative to the Docker engine which is also a containerization platform. Podman improves … Read more

Get System and Hardware Details with uname and lscpu on Debian

Debian get Hardware details

This guide shows you how to retrieve system details of your Debian 11 or Debian 10 system, e.g. kernel name, kernel release, kernel version, hostname, hardware architecture, processor type, hardware platform and operating system information. This guide was tested with Debian 10, but the commands shown here also work with other Linux distributions. ¬†How to … Read more

How to Flush the DNS Cache on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Flush DNS Cache

The DNS or the Domain Name Server can be characterized as one of the most essential parts of your link to the internet. The DNS translates the domain names to and from the IP addresses so that we don’t need to remember or keep a list of all the IP addresses of the websites we … Read more