How to Install Odoo ERP on Debian Linux

Odoo ERP

Odoo, also known as OpenERP, is a free and open-source enterprise resource planning application based on Python. It is a full-featured application and includes open-source CRM, point of sales, human resources management, point of sales, invoicing and accounting, event management, email marketing, order tracking, etc. It is a open-source business application suite covering all your … Read more

How to Deploy a Secure CockroachDB Cluster on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Cockroach DB Cluster

CockroachDB is a scalable and cloud-native SQL database for building scalable cloud services. It is specially designed to store copies of data in multiple locations to deliver speedy access. It’s a distributed SQL database built on the transactional and key-value store. IT can survive disk, machine, and data center failures with near-zero latency disruption and … Read more

How to Install ERPNext on Debian

ERPNext is a free and open source ERP system written in Python and JavaScript using a Frappe framework. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and offers all the features of an ERP system. It helps you manage business processes such as finance, sales, human resources, production, purchasing, services, helpdesk and more. It offers … Read more

CentOS 8 Initial Setup and Basic Configuration

In this guide, we will show you the CentOS 8 Server initial setup and Basic Configuration after its installation. There are some basic primary configurations that you need to do to ensure the new CentOS 8 server is ready to host your applications and services. The following guide will cover basic service configurations such as … Read more

How to Install Apache Guacamole via Docker on Ubuntu 22.04

Apache Guacamole is a free and open-source remote desktop gateway that allows you to connect to your computer/server remotely using different protocols such as SSH, RDP, and VNC. Apache Guacamole is maintained by Apache Software Foundation, and licensed with Apache License 2.0. Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. You can access Apache Guacamole … Read more

How to reboot Debian using the command line

Reboot Debian 10

The Linux operating system can run without rebooting not only for weeks but for years. But sometimes, there is a good reason to reboot your Linux system after a week or two, depending on the situation. Most of the time, there are two main reasons for the reboot. First, the reboot becomes necessary when you … Read more

How to Install Wireguard VPN on Ubuntu 22.04

Wireguard is an open-source VPN protocol alternative to IPSec, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. Wiruguard is designed for Linux and Unix operating systems. It’s running on Linux kernel space, which makes the wireguard faster and more reliable. wireguard is used to create secure tunnel connections between two computers or more. Wireguard aims to replace VPN protocols such … Read more

How to Install ExpressionEngine CMS with Nginx on Ubuntu

ExpressionEngine is a flexible, feature-rich, free, open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. With ExpressionEngine, you can build full-featured websites, create a web app, or serve content to mobile applications. All without requiring complex programming skills. This guide will walk you through the ExpressionEngine installation process on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using PHP, MySQL as … Read more

How to Install Magento on Debian with Nginx

Debian Magento

Magento is a widely used Open Source e-commerce software and content management system for e-commerce websites based on the PHP Zend Framework. It uses MySQL or MariaDB as the database backend. The Magento development was started in 2008 by Varien. This tutorial will show you how to install Magento 2.3.4 on the Debian Buster 10. … Read more

How to Install PostgreSQL and pgAdmin on Debian

Debian PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL or Postgres is a powerful high-performance object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) released under a flexible BSD-style license. PostgreSQL is well-suited for large databases and has many advanced features. pgAdmin4 is an open-source PostgreSQL management tool designed for multiple PostgreSQL database versions. pgAdmin4 has been created with all of the features found on the PostgreSQL … Read more