How to Enable Low Graphics Mode in Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Desktop Low Graphics Mode

Every component of your operating system contributes somewhat to the consumption of your battery. The more active components you have at a particular instance, the more quickly you should expect your battery to be drained out. This is exactly why some people who prefer their laptop’s battery to last long want to enable low graphics … Read more

How to Install Foxit PDF Reader on Ubuntu

Ubuntu PDF Reader

PDF is one of the most popular and preferable file formats when it comes to reading, printing, and sharing files. This is because it can be opened on almost all operating systems. In Linux, you might be familiar with many PDF readers. Foxit PDF Reader is among the popular PDF readers that are available for … Read more

How to Flush DNS Cache on Ubuntu

Flush DNS Cache

Are you using the latest version of Ubuntu and looking for a way to clear your DNS cache? Then you’ve come to the right place. In the following tutorial, you will learn how to clear the DNS cache in Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04. We’ll also explain why you should clear your DNS cache from … Read more

How to install and use iTunes on Ubuntu

Ubuntu iTunes

iTunes is a media player developed by Apple Inc. that lets you download, organize, and play media on your system and sync it with other devices. iTunes can be downloaded and used on Windows and Mac, but is not yet available in Ubuntu or other Linux distributions. You can use various media players as an … Read more

How to Install GNU Octave in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

GNU Octave on Ubuntu

This article describes how to install GNU Octave, an interpreted high-level language intended mainly for numerical computations. It provides facilities for numerical solution of linear and nonlinear problems and for performing other numerical experiments. It also provides extensive graphics capabilities for visualizing and manipulating data. Octave is normally used through the interactive command line interface, … Read more

Generate SSH Keys in Ubuntu


SSH stands for Secure Shell and it is used widely as a means of accessing remote servers. The usage of SSH is recommended because it is considered a highly secure way of authenticating users remotely. Normally, we use passwords to authenticate users, however, passwords are prone to different security attacks. Therefore, they are not much … Read more

Install Flameshot Screenshot Tool in Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu Screenshot Tool

Flameshot is an open-source screenshot and annotation tool designed for Linux, macOS, and Windows systems. The best thing about this screenshot tool is that it operates with both the graphical user interface as well as the command-line interface. It is a very easy-to-use screenshot tool that provides users with a high level of flexibility and … Read more

How to Install ProFTPD on Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 22.04 ProFTPD

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is still a widely used technology to move files over a computer network. It is famous for being lightweight, and easy to set up and use. FTP has a bad reputation as an insecure protocol because it transmits passwords and data in plain text. However, modern FTP servers like ProFTPD … Read more