The Linux Ping Command

The Linux Ping Command

Ping or Packet Internet Groper is a network management utility that can check the connection status between a source and destination computer/device over an IP network. It also helps you estimate the time it takes to send and receive a response from the network. We all have our favorite websites that we visit frequently; if … Read more

How to Work with Nano Editor on Linux

File editing with nano on Linux

What is Nano editor The Nano editor is a simple, display-oriented and free text editor that comes by default with all Linux operating systems. It is a good alternative to the non-free Pico which comes by default with the Pine package. The programs such as Vi and emacs might be more powerful, but the smart … Read more

How to Install Ubuntu 18.04 along with Windows 10

Ubuntu is a popular operating system which is open source and has easy installation. It is quite flexible thanks to its unlimited customization options and it highly secure in nature. For many developers, journey on Linux begins at Ubuntu which is why today we will give you a tutorial on how to install Ubuntu 18.04 along … Read more

Linux File Management from the Terminal

Linux file management

As we all know Linux is an operating system mostly used by Geeks and developers who are mostly keyboard people and love to write commands instead of using a Graphical user Interface (GUI). Unlike the Windows operating system, where most of the work done is with few clicks while in Linux, we have commands for … Read more