How to Install XWiki on Ubuntu

XWiki on Ubuntu Linux

XWiki is a wiki software that enables anyone to create, organize and share information from any device with internet access using their web browser, desktop, or mobile phone. It’s a fully-fledged community wiki-hosting service with user permissions, roles, and groups. It has both public and private wikis. A database such as MySQL is used to … Read more

How to Install YARN NPM-Package Manager on Rocky Linux

Install Yarn on Rocky Linux

What is YARN? YARN stands for Yet Another Resource Negotiator. It was designed to manage dependencies, like npm in node.js. Yarn manages your project by keeping track of the packages your project depends on and making sure that you always get the right versions installed when you do an install or upgrade. YARN is mainly … Read more

How to Install UVdesk Helpdesk on Debian

Debian UVdesk Helpdesk Installation

UVDesk is an open-source helpdesk system written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. UVDesk has a simple UI that makes it easy for agents to search through the queue of tickets and filter them by keywords, assigned agents, creation date, priority, and other factors. Agents can track tickets with a system that includes an … Read more

How to Install Vim Editor on Ubuntu

Vim on Ubuntu

If you’re coming from macOS to Ubuntu, you might be familiar with the Vim text editor. Ubuntu 20.04 doesn’t come with Vim installed out of the box. You need to perform the standard procedure of updating your packages database, getting the Vim package, and then installing it. Vim is an open-source and easy-to-use text editor. … Read more

How to Install Python 3.9 on Rocky Linux

Python on Rocky Linux

Python is an interpreted high-level programming language. It is a multi-paradigm programming language that emphasizes code readability and simplicity. Python has an extensive standard library that supports many common programming tasks. It can be used as a scripting and object-oriented language for larger projects. Python was first published in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, making … Read more

How to Install OpenEMR on CentOS and Rocky Linux

OpenEMR Rocky Linux

OpenEMR is the world’s leading open-source electronic medical record (EMR) and medical documentation system. OpenEMR aims to provide a better alternative to its proprietary competitors. It is secure, customizable, scalable, feature-rich, and designed to meet the needs of small to large healthcare organizations. It has been used in over 200 countries/territories worldwide since 2002. The … Read more

How to Delete Files on Linux

Linux has tons of commands that simplify tasks and make work more efficient. Rm is a helpful command for quickly deleting files, links, directories, etc. The word “rm” stands for remove, meaning you must use this command carefully as it is impossible to recover the files once you delete them with it. The command does … Read more

How to Verify if OpenVPN Protocol is Installed on Ubuntu

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an encrypted path between a device and a network over the internet. VPNs ensure the security of transmitted data by providing encrypted channels for data flow. In this way, communication between the two entities involved remains secure. It also prevents intruders from intercepting the data traffic from one end … Read more

How to Install and Run Chromium Web Browser on Debian

Chromium Browser

Chromium is a free and open-source web browser developed in collaboration between Google and Microsoft. The code of this web browser serves as the cornerstone for most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome. The features of this web browser have been adopted from other popular web browsers. The best thing about Chromium web browser is … Read more

How to Install AnyDesk on Rocky Linux

AnyDesk remote desktop on Rocky Linux

AnyDesk is a remote desktop application software available for all Linux distributions. This application provides smooth remote access control to your Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. AnyDesk is also often used for providing remote support. This article will explain how to install AnyDesk remote desktop software on your Rocky Linux 8 Linux system using … Read more