Network Configuration in Debian 11

Debian Network Configuration

If you are a regular Linux user or a system administrator, you might require to set up networking on your system. Unlike the desktop systems where you can use dynamic configurations, you will have to do specific configurations on servers depending upon your network environment. Dynamic configurations keep changing upon the server reboot so in … Read more

How to reboot Debian using the command line

Reboot Debian 10

The Linux operating system can run without rebooting not only for weeks but for years. But sometimes there is a good reason to reboot your Linux system after a week or two, depending on the situation. Most of the time there are two main reasons for the reboot. First, the reboot becomes necessary when you … Read more

Control Screen Brightness from Ubuntu Terminal

Ubuntu Shell Screen Brightness

If you use your Ubuntu system at different times of the day, you may also need to change the brightness of your screen over and over again to make it easier on your eyes. Although there are ways to do this through the user interface, I mainly work at the command line and looked for … Read more

How to find files on the Ubuntu command line

Find Files in Ubuntu

A typical problem when working with computers is that you can’t find the files you have stored somewhere. Many GUI programs allow you to search for files while working under Linux, regardless of the distribution. However, in some situations, you only have access to the command line terminal, especially if you manage servers or use … Read more

How to Configure Networking on Ubuntu with Netplan

Ubuntu Network configuration with netplan

Netplan is the Ubuntu network configuration tool in all recent Ubuntu versions. Netplan is based on a YAML-based configuration system that simplifies the configuration process. It has replaced the old /etc/network/interfaces configuration file we used to configure network interfaces in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure networks … Read more

How to Edit Config Files in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Edit Config File

Configuration files contain the information needed to control the operation of a program. Linux users, especially Linux administrators, need to know how to edit configuration files to maintain an Ubuntu server or desktop. Configuration files on Ubuntu are stored in subdirectories of the /etc folder as text files and can be edited with text editors. … Read more