How to find your IP Address on Debian

Debian Find IP

This guide is intended for Linux beginners. It shows six different ways to find the IP address of your local network card using the command line as well as the GNOME Desktop on Debian 11 and Debian 12. An IP address is a unique identifier assigned to any system connected to a network or the … Read more

How to Edit Config Files in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Edit Config File

Configuration files contain the information needed to control the operation of a program. Linux users, especially Linux administrators, need to know how to edit configuration files to maintain an Ubuntu server or desktop. Configuration files on Ubuntu are stored in subdirectories of the /etc folder as text files and can be edited with text editors. … Read more

4 Ways to Install Mozilla Firefox in Ubuntu

Mozilla Firefox Browser on Ubuntu

Mozilla Firefox is the official Internet browser for Ubuntu. Therefore, most Ubuntu distros have it installed by default. If your system lacks this browser for any reason or you accidentally deleted it, we will tell you how to install it on your Ubuntu. This article will describe the following ways to install Mozilla Firefox on … Read more

How to Install notepad++ Editor on Linux Mint

Notepad++ Linux Mint

Notepad++ is an open-source and very popular source code and text editor. It was developed mainly for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It offers many more features than the Windows plain text editor. Notepad++’s main features include syntax highlighting, bracket matching, multiple document display, auto-completion, code colors, and macro recording. Notepad++ is not available by … Read more

How to Install Steam on Ubuntu

Steam Installation on Ubuntu

Steam (developed by Valve Corporation) is a digital distribution service for video games. It allows you to buy, install, and play games on your system. Steam is a cross-platform solution that is available for Windows Linux and MacOS. It offers you a store with plenty of games, video streaming, and other social networking services. In … Read more

How to Install Foxit PDF Reader on Ubuntu

Ubuntu PDF Reader

PDF is one of the most popular and preferable file formats when it comes to reading, printing, and sharing files. This is because it can be opened on almost all operating systems. In Linux, you might be familiar with many PDF readers. Foxit PDF Reader is among the popular PDF readers that are available for … Read more

Install Visual Studio Code on Debian 11

VSCode Debian

Whenever you think about a good code editor, one of the best names that you often get to hear is Visual Studio Code. It is a free and open-source code editor created by Microsoft which can be used across multiple different platforms. Therefore, in today’s article, we will be explaining to you the process of … Read more

Install Flameshot Screenshot Tool in Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu Screenshot Tool

Flameshot is an open-source screenshot and annotation tool designed for Linux, macOS, and Windows systems. The best thing about this screenshot tool is that it operates with both the graphical user interface as well as the command-line interface. It is a very easy-to-use screenshot tool that provides users with a high level of flexibility and … Read more