How to Manually Mount/UnMount a USB Device on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Mount USB Drive

When you connect a USB drive to our system, it is usually mounted automatically and a directory with your user name is created under the media folder. You can also access it through your system’s file manager. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; sometimes, you need to manually mount the USB drive in your … Read more

How to Kill Zombie Processes in Ubuntu

Kill Zombie Process in Ubuntu

A zombie or a defunct process in Linux is a process that has been completed, but its entry still remains in the process table due to a lack of correspondence between the parent and child processes. Usually, a parent process keeps a check on the status of its child processes through the wait() function. When … Read more

The Powerful World of Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

Ubuntu has a number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to increase your productivity with minimal effort. If you have a good grip on the keyboard shortcuts, you can do without the mouse, which saves a lot of time. Also, you can focus more on your work instead of following the mouse pointer. Keyboard … Read more

Working with Multiple Terminal Tabs in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Terminal Tabs

Linux users nowadays can perform various operations with programs that have a high-quality user interface. However, there are many reasons to use the Linux command line, the terminal. Through the terminal, you can access many powerful native Linux commands as well as the powerful command-line features of many desktop applications. You can install software in … Read more

8 Ways to Generate a Random Password on Linux Shell

Linux random password generator

A strong password is very important when you authenticate to a service with a username and password. Sometimes you need to protect your account or server and try to keep your data safe. It is often said that a strong password must have at least 14 characters, with variations such as lower and upper case … Read more