How to scan a Debian server for rootkits with Rkhunter

Scan Debian for Rootkits

Rkhunter stands for “Rootkit Hunter” is a free and open-source vulnerability scanner for Linux operating systems. It scans for rootkits, and other possible vulnerabilities including, hidden files, wrong permissions set on binaries, suspicious strings in kernel etc. It compares the SHA-1 hashes of all files in your local system with the known good hashes in … Read more

How to install OpenOffice on Debian 10

Debian OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is an open-source and freely available office software package that is generally known as OpenOffice. As an alternative to Microsoft Office, users can use OpenOffice. Although OpenOffice uses a different file format than Microsoft Office, it can still open MS Office files. Installing the OpenOffice suite gives you access to a variety of … Read more

How to install Spotify on Debian 10

Spotify on Debian

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service, with millions of free and paid customers worldwide. It includes a collection of millions of songs with high-quality sound. It offers apps for desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. While you may listen to music on its online interface, it is preferred to utilize a specialized app or … Read more

Install Nginx with PHP and MySQL (LEMP) plus SSL on Debian 10

Debian 10 LEMP

LEMP is an acronym that stands for the following software stack: Linux kernel, Nginx web server, MariaDB database (or MySQL), and the PHP server-side programming language. This software is widely used on servers on the Internet today to provide dynamic websites or interactive web applications. Nginx is a modern and resource-efficient web server that is … Read more

How to watch or monitor log files in Debian 10

Log File Monitoring

What are Linux log files? Log files are simply plain text files that contain the set of records, events, or messages about the server, applications, and services running on your Linux operating system. They are used by system administrators for troubleshooting purposes whenever an issue arises. In Linux, the log files are generally categorized into … Read more

How to customize Bash Terminal prompt on Debian 10

Customize Bash Prompt

The bash Linux shell provides many customization options for the prompt that you can use not only to incorporate various features in the prompt but also to differentiate them through different colors. In this article, we will use various examples to customize and recolor the prompt of our Terminal application that will enable you to … Read more