How to Install Wiki.js on FreeBSD 12

Wiki.js is an open-source, modern and powerful wiki app based on Node.js, Git, and Markdown. Wiki.js runs on the blazingly fast Node.js engine and is optimized to conserve CPU resources. Some of the Wiki.js features worth mentioning are: Markdown editing, backed by Git Lightweight, yet extremely powerful Beautifully designed for the modern web Integrated Access Control … Read more

How to Install Pagekit CMS with Nginx on FreeBSD 12

Pagekit is a modern, intuitive, modular, and flexible open-source (MIT license) CMS built with Symfony components and Vue.js. It gives you the tools to create beautiful websites. It has a rich theme and plugin system. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the Pagekit CMS installation process on a FreeBSD 12 operating system by using Nginx as a web server, MariaDB as … Read more

How to Install phpMyAdmin on FreeBSD 12.0

The phpMyAdmin is a free and open-source web application tool for managing the MySQL or MariaDB database. The phpMyAdmin is primarily written in PHP and allows you to manage your MySQL/MariaDB databases from the web browser. You can easily create, update, import, and export your MySQL/MariaDB databases from one place dashboard. This tutorial will show … Read more