How to watch or monitor log files in Debian 10

Log File Monitoring

What are Linux log files? Log files are simply plain text files that contain the set of records, events, or messages about the server, applications, and services running on your Linux operating system. They are used by system administrators for troubleshooting purposes whenever an issue arises. In Linux, the log files are generally categorized into … Read more

Install Redis on Ubuntu 20.04

Redis installation on Ubuntu

Redis is a well-known open-source data structure store that stores data in memory and is commonly used as a database. It is very popular among Linux users since it is quite easy to install it on any Linux-based system and use it. Today’s goal is also to learn how we can get the Redis server … Read more

How to setup Traefik load balancer with Docker in Ubuntu 20.04

Traefik Loadbalancer

Traefik is a modern reverse proxy and load balancing server that supports layer 4 (TCP) and layer 7 (HTTP) load balancing. Its configuration can be defined in JSON, YML, or in TOML format. It consists of entry point (frontend), service (backend), router (rules), middlewares (optional features). This article will demonstrate how to use Traefik load … Read more

Install Steam Locomotive on Ubuntu 20.04

Steam Locomotive SL command on Ubuntu

Steam Locomotive is a fun utility for Linux-based systems to alert users to a very common mistake they make when typing the “ls” command. Yes, you guessed it correctly. Most of us type “sl” instead of “ls” in a hurry and get an unwanted error message. However, we can turn this whole scenario into a … Read more

How to Install Go Programming Language on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Go Programming Language

Go is one of the latest open source programming languages that is used to do memory management safely and also helps in dealing with garbage collection gracefully. It is a statically typed language that can conveniently manage objects and hence provides a very efficient way of creating useful programs. This article shows you how you … Read more

Install Signal Messenger on Linux Mint 20

Signal Messenger on Linux

Signal is a cross-platform messaging and video calling application. It can act as a good alternative for WhatsApp as it offers almost all those features that WhatsApp offers us. The Signal messenger’s desktop version was also launched this year. This article will talk about the installation procedure of the Signal messenger’s desktop version on a … Read more

How to Monitor real-time System Metrics using Glances tool on Linux

Glances Monitoring Tool

Linux provides a wide range of command-line monitoring tools for monitoring various system metrics. We have the top command that monitors various processes, and htop which is an interactive monitoring tool and an improvement of the top command. All these work perfectly fine, but they are limited and don’t provide a complete picture of other … Read more