How to Monitor real-time System Metrics using Glances tool on Linux

Glances Monitoring Tool

Linux provides a wide range of command-line monitoring tools for monitoring various system metrics. We have the top command that monitors various processes, and htop which is an interactive monitoring tool and an improvement of the top command. All these work perfectly fine, but they are limited and don’t provide a complete picture of other … Read more

12 Useful Linux date Command Examples

Linux Date Command Examples

The date command is a command-line utility for displaying or setting date and time in the Linux system. It uses the system default time zone to display the time. In this article, I will show you 12 examples of how to best use the date command on Linux. To demonstrate the examples below I have … Read more

Install Kodi Media Player on Linux Mint 20

KODI Media Player

Kodi is a cross-platform media player launched by XMBC in 2004. It is used for media streaming on all kinds of screens whether they are large TV screens or very compact mobile screens. It means that it is designed in such a way that it looks equally appealing no matter which device you are using … Read more

How to Install KVM and Manage Virtual Machines in Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu KVM with Virtual Machine Manager

What is KVM KVM, or Kernel-Based Virtual Machine, provides a virtual environment in which one or more additional operating systems can run alongside the primary system without affecting its functionality. In KVM, the Linux kernel makes use of virtualization technology by leveraging your existing system and hardware resources. The new virtual environment created by KVM … Read more

How to Install and Configure Git on Ubuntu 20.04

GIT on Ubuntu Linux

Git is a widely used OpenSource version control system for software development. It has been initially developed by Linus Torvalds and is e.g. used to manage the source code of the Linux kernel. Any type of software project can be handled in an effective way by using GIT, often in conjunction with the free GIT … Read more

How to View System Log Files on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

View System Log Files on Ubuntu Linux

A Linux Administrator should be able to read and understand the various types of messages generated by all Linux systems to troubleshoot an issue. These messages, named logs, are initiated by Linux and the applications running on it. Linux continuously creates, stores, and recycles these logs through various configuration files, programs, commands, and daemons. If … Read more

Add and Manage User Accounts in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Manage user accounts in Ubuntu

User management becomes a critical consideration when you want to add multiple users to the system. If user management on your system is not effective, you may have to compromise security and access to the private and sensitive information on your system. This article introduces simple techniques you can use to have effective control over … Read more