MySQL 8 Master-Slave replication on Ubuntu 20.04

MySQL Master-Slave Replication

Sometimes we may need to replicate data from one MySQL DB server to one or more MySQL DB servers automatically. Basically, database administrators perform database-related tasks such as replication, clustering, and auto-failover. Managing MySQL database servers and performing replication tasks are the responsibilities of database experts. In this article, we will learn how to set … Read more

How to Install and Use Docker on Rocky Linux 8

Docker on Rocky Linux

Imagine a box in which you can put all of your files, and it will maintain integrity. This is what Docker does, providing an easy way to manage containers for any application on-premise or cloud-hosted with ease. What’s even better about this tool: It comes free (yes, really) as well as being open source so … Read more

Which local Backup Tool is the best on Linux?

Linux Backup

There are several backup utilities available for Linux. Some of them are based on bash scripts and others are properly crafted open-source software. The problem comes when nothing is available in a default installation. I am a Debian user and I have some preferences to use certain backup utilities to keep my data safe. In … Read more

How to Install FreeRADIUS and Daloradius on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu FreeRadius

What is a freeRADIUS server? RADIUS is a AAA (authentication, authorization, and accounting) protocol that helps in controlling network access. In other words, RADIUS protocol is used for connection management between the Network Access Server (NAS) and Authentication server. The connection between two ends(NAC-NAS or NAS-Authentication server) is initiated after a successful negotiation on the … Read more

How to Install Webmin on CentOS 8 and Rocky Linux 8

Webmin CentOS Rocky Linux

Webmin is an open-source web-based interface that simplifies the administration of Unix systems. Usually, to perform any kind of task in Linux like setting up accounts, setting up web servers, installing software, you have to manually run the commands and edit configuration files. Webmin lets you do all such tasks using a web-based interface. Using … Read more

How to speed-up an Ansible Playbook

Speed up Ansible

Ansible is an open-source IT automation tool for continuous deployments or zero downtime rolling updates, software deployment, configuration management, and orchestration of more advanced IT tasks. Ansible minimizes the workloads and saves a lot of time during server configuration and application deployment. In some scenarios we do have to maintain a large number of servers … Read more

How to install Reveal.js on Ubuntu 20.04 

RevealJS on Ubuntu 20.04

Reveal.js is a free and open-source HTML presentation framework that enables users to create free, fully-featured, and attractive presentations using a web browser. Users can use web technologies in the presentations using the reveal.js framework. This tool helps to add more CSS styles, add an external web page, include <iframe>and custom user behavior using different … Read more