How to Echo Into File

Redirect echo command output into a file on Linux

The Linux shell has several operators to redirect or pipe the output of commands into a file. In this guide, I will show several ways to redirect the echo output into a file. We will replace the content of a file with the echo output, then we will append text to an existing file using … Read more

How to Install Ubuntu Desktop from Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu is one of the most widely used Linux distributions, developed by Canonical inc. Ubuntu comes in several flavors, the Ubuntu Desktop Edition, which ships with a GNOME-based desktop by default, and the Ubuntu Server edition, which is mainly meant to be run on headless servers. Ubuntu server edition does not install a GUI. This … Read more

How to enable Large Indexes in MariaDB 10 on Debian 10

MariaDB Large Index

This tutorial shows you how to enable large indexes in MariaDB 10 on Debian 10. This refers to the innodb_large_prefix option which exists in MariaDB and MySQL. I will show you how to enable the large index option permanently by editing the MariaDB configuration file and I will also show you how to enable it … Read more