How to install Reveal.js on Ubuntu 20.04 

RevealJS on Ubuntu 20.04

Reveal.js is a free and open-source HTML presentation framework that enables users to create free, fully-featured, and attractive presentations using a web browser. Users can use web technologies in the presentations using the reveal.js framework. This tool helps to add more CSS styles, add an external web page, include <iframe>and custom user behavior using different … Read more

How to Install urBackup on Ubuntu 20.04

Linux Client/Server Backup

UrBackup is a client/server backup tool that supports image backups as well as file backups. It is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. A prominent feature of this backup system is that it never interrupts the current working of your system rather the backups are created in parallel while your target system is … Read more

How to detect and manage devices on Linux

Detect Linux Devices

Many of the Linux beginners coming from Windows know how to manage devices on their Windows systems. But they do not know how to do the same on Linux unfortunately. This is not because Linux is different, rather they are new and unaware of where to find the right help. Here I am going to … Read more

How to Install Ntopng Network Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Network Monitoring

Ntopng is a web-based application for true network traffic flow monitoring that is available as open freeware. It’s an improved kind of innovative Ntop that displays network use, statistics, and analytical data. It works with a variety of computer systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and BSD. Ntopng comes in professional and corporate editions with … Read more

How to install LAMP stack on AlmaLinux 8

Linux Apache MySQL PHP on AlmaLinux

LAMP is a popular open-source software stack that is mostly used for testing and hosting web applications. It’s an acronym for Linux Apache MariaDB / MySQL and PHP. It compromises a web server ( Apache ), a database server ( MariaDB or MySQL ), and the PHP scripting language which supports dynamic web pages written … Read more

How to install Swift Programming Language on CentOS 8

Swift Programming Language CentOS

Swift is a modern general-purpose, open-source, and high-performing compiled programming language. It was developed by Apple for iOS application development and released in 2014. However, it can also be used for cloud service, systems programming, and design more other applications. Swift language is used as a replacement for the older language such as Objective-C. As … Read more

How to Install Grafana Monitoring System on CentOS 8

Grafana on CentOS

Grafana is a widely used open-source system monitoring solution for Linux servers. It is e.g. used by PayPal, eBay, and Red Hat. Grafana is a good choice for all engineers who want to use a scalable and robust dashboard monitoring tool. This monitoring tool monitors various data sources. Using Grafana, you can bind time-series databases … Read more

How to send Processes to the Background on Linux

Linux Background Process

While using any operating system, there can be multiple processes running on it. These processes are mainly categorized as the background processes and the foreground processes. As the name says, a background process is one that runs silently in the background without requiring any human intervention. On the other hand, a foreground process is the … Read more