How to Launch PowerShell as a snap on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Powershell Snap

PowerShell is a command-line shell designed specifically for system administrators to simplify and automate server management. It is a very powerful and efficient tool that saves a lot of time by automating the wide range of local and remote management tasks. Microsoft launched PowerShell Core as a snap for Linux users. Now you can try … Read more

How to Create a Bootable Ubuntu USB stick on Linux

Bootable Ubuntu USB Stick

You might want to create a bootable USB stick from Ubuntu itself for various reasons. Some of these include: Installing/upgrading Ubuntu Having the experience of the Ubuntu desktop without involving your system configurations Using the USB stick to fix a configuration issue through the default tools that come with the Ubuntu ISO package There are … Read more

How to make Viewnior your default Image Viewer in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Viewnior Image Viewer Installation

Viewnior is an image viewer application, created to be simple, fast and elegant. Its minimalistic interface provides more screen space for your images. Among its features are: Fullscreen & Slideshow Rotate, flip, crop, save, delete images Animation support Browse only selected images Navigation window Set image as wallpaper (under GNOME, Fluxbox and LXDE) Simple interface … Read more

How to Encrypt Cloud Storage with EncFS on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Cloud EncFS

Encrypting data is very important to ensure data security, especially if you are using cloud storage. Almost all cloud storage services offer encryption services to their customers, but that’s not enough. It is also necessary to encrypt your data privately. EncFS (encrypted file system) is the best tool that can be used for this purpose. … Read more

How to use Email Encryption in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Email Encryption with OpenPGP

Encrypting everything online including your emails has become necessary. Your confidential information such as login credentials, social security numbers, and bank account details becomes vulnerable when you sent them through emails. Email encryption involves masking the content to the email message to prevent them from being read by unauthorized persons. Sending encrypted emails in Linux … Read more