Linux Sleep Command Explained (with Examples)

SLEEP Command

The “sleep” command in Linux helps in adding a specified delay in the execution of shell (bash) scripts. The command is very easy to use and has various powerful features. In this article, we will explain in detail how to use the sleep command in your shell scripts. The examples are based on Debian 10, … Read more

Install and Configure Webmin with free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on Debian 10

Webmin Dashboard

Webmin is a web-based remote management application for system administration that simplifies the process of managing Unix like systems. It is much easier and simpler than the traditional method in which you have to manually modify the configuration files, execute commands for user accounts creation, setting up servers, and much more. It let you handle … Read more

How to Uninstall Programs on Debian

Debian Uninstall Program

Unused and unwanted programs should be removed from the system as they take up a large amount of disk space. This article is about removing the programs that are no longer required in a Debian system. We will explain the removal of the program via both the Graphical user interface and the command line Terminal … Read more

Installing and Configuring Ruby on Rails on Debian 10

Debian Ruby on Rails

If you’re a developer looking for a reliable, open-source, cross-platform web development framework for Linux, Ruby on Rails is a great choice for you. It helps them build applications and websites by abstracting and simplifying the repetitive tasks that occur during development. It is called Ruby on Rails because Rails is written in the Ruby … Read more

Copying Text to the Debian Terminal

Debian Terminal Clipboard

While working with the Terminal, we sometimes require copying a long command, file name or text from the web, a tutorial, or simply from some text file. You might have observed that the simple pasting control, Ctrl+V does not work in the Terminal. We all know that copying a text requires selecting it and then … Read more