How to Free Up Space on Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu cleanup

From time to time, we need to clear up our system storage to make space for installing new programs and dealing with additional files. This is especially important when you have a low storage device or a limited storage capacity. Even if you have a large storage available but you are a person like me … Read more

8 Ways to Customize your Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

Customize Ubuntu Desktop

After installing a new Operating System that we intend to use for long, we start noticing the things we would like to customize according to our needs, preferences, and personal choices. It starts from the look & feel of the desktop, the arrangement of various applications installed on our system, the font and cursor size, … Read more

Commenting Out/Uncommenting a Line in Ubuntu Configuration File

Comment or uncomment line in config file

Linux, like all operating systems, keeps initial/default settings and configuration parameters for its programs in the form of configuration files. These files are used to configure software applications, server processes and OS settings for your system. As Linux administrators, you can edit these files in various ways; one of them being commenting or uncommenting a … Read more

How to Make Your Ubuntu PC a Wireless Access Point

Ubuntu Wi-Fi Hotspot

With the release of Ubuntu’s latest operating system, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, creating a hotspot is easier than ever before. With a wifi hotspot, you can let other wireless devices such as smartphones and televisions etc. make use of your computer’s internet connection. This tutorial describes the simple steps of turning your Ubuntu into a Wireless … Read more

Copying and Pasting Text onto the Linux Terminal

Copy and paste text to Linux terminal

While working with the Terminal, we sometimes require copying a long command, file name or text from the web, a tutorial, or simply from some text file. You might have observed that the simple pasting control, Ctrl+V does not work in the Terminal. We all know that copying a text requires selecting it and then … Read more