How to install and configure Cyber Panel on CentOS 8

Cyber panel is an open-source free web hosting panel that uses the Open Lite Speed web server. It has two version free and enterprise versions. The free version uses Open Lite Speed while the enterprise version uses the Lite Speed Web server. It comes up with many features like AutoSSL, Backup and Restore, and hosting multiple websites. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install and configure and Cyber panel in Centos 8. So let’s get started.

Cyber Panel Installation on CentOS 8

By default, there is no package available for Cyber Panel in Centos 8 software repository. So we have to get its installer from the following way using terminal:

# cd /tmp

# wget -O

Download CyberPanel installer

After this run the installer by using the following command, make sure you have root privileges to run this command:

# sh

Run installer

You will see the following output:

Choose to install cyberPanel

Enter 1 and press enter.

Option 1

The next step will look like as follows:

Choose web server type

Enter 1 and press enter, as we are installing free version:

Option 1

If you want to download the full service of Cyber Panel, enter y and press enter.

Do a full installation of Cyber Panel

Install Memcached and Redis

Cyber Panel will be installed now, along with all of its extensions.

Installation of CyberPanel was succesful

By default, Cyber Panel is using port 8090 of TCP to allow access over the network add the firewall rule, for this use the following command:

# firewall-cmd –add-port=8090/tcp –permanent

# firewall-cmd –reload

Configuring Cyber Panel

To configure Cyber Panel, visit your Server IP address with port number you will see the login page <IP address: 8090>.

Enter username (admin) and default password (1234567), you will be redirected to the Cyber panel dashboard.

Now you can configure Cyber Panel according to your need.


In this tutorial, we learned how to install and configure the Cyber panel on CentOS8. I hope this tutorial will help you to understand the Cyber panel.