How to Install notepad++ Editor on Linux Mint

Notepad++ is an open-source and very popular source code and text editor. It was developed mainly for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It offers many more features than the Windows plain text editor. Notepad++’s main features include syntax highlighting, bracket matching, multiple document display, auto-completion, code colors, and macro recording. Notepad++ is not available by default in Linux operating systems. However, you can install it with the snap package.

In this article, I will show two different methods to install Notepad++ on Linux Mint and Ubuntu via the command line and via GUI.

There are two methods to install Notepad++ on Linux Mint:

  1. Using the graphical interface
  2. Using the Ubuntu Software store

Install Notepad++ using GUI

To install Notepad++ using the GUI method, click on the Ubuntu Software icon from the left sidebar of the desktop as follows:

Software Installer

The Ubuntu Software application will open on your system. Notepad++ is available via the wine Windows Emulator. Now, click on the search icon and type ‘notepad-plus-plus (wine)’ in the search bar as follows:

Choose software package

You will see that the Notepad++ icon is displayed in the search results. Click on the Notepad++ icon and install it by clicking on the install button as follows:

Notepad plus plus via wine

You will see the password authentication prompt on the system. Enter the user password and click on ‘Authenticate’ button as follows:

Authenticate as admin

After doing this, the installation of Notepad++ will begin on your system. You can see the installation progress through the progress bar as follows:

Installing Notepad++

The installation will take some time to successfully complete, after that, you will see the following window is displayed on the system. It shows that Notepad++ has been installed on your system with the wine package.

Installation successful

Now you can set the permission of this application as follows:

Configure application permissions

If you want to remove the wine package then you can remove it from the Installed Ubuntu Software.

Installing Notepad ++ using snap package

Notepad++ is not present in the Ubuntu apt repository. So, you cannot install it using the apt package manager on your Ubuntu system. But, you can install it using a snap application. Snap is already installed on Linux Mint and Ubuntu but, if it is missing on your system then you can install the snap application on your Linux system.

Using the keyboard shortcut keys ‘Ctrl + Alt + t’ open the terminal window on your system.

Use the following command to install snap on your system:

$ sudo apt-get install snapd

After the installation of the snap package, now you will install Notepad++ through the snap application. Type the following command with sudo privileges on the terminal:

$ sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus

After executing the above command, in a while Notepad++ will install on your system.

After completing the installation of Notepad++. Now, you will type the following text to launch Notepad ++:

$ notepad-plus-plus

You can also remove Notepad++ from your system using the following command:

$ sudo snap remove notepad-plus-plus

The following output will display on the terminal after removing Notepad++.

Remove notepad++ snap

Notepad++ is a useful text and source code editor that is available for only users who use the Windows platform. In this article, we explored how Linux users can install Notepad++ using two different ways.