Move the Ubuntu Launcher to Bottom or Right

By default, the Launcher in Ubuntu is located vertically at the left side of the screen. With Ubuntu 17 and 18, it is very easy to move the launcher to the right side of the screen or to the bottom. This simple task does not require you to run any commands or install a special utility. We will explain how through a few simple steps you can move the launcher to the right or bottom, depending on your preference.

Ubuntu Launcher at top

The above image is the default view of your Ubuntu 18.04 desktop. Please click the downward arrow located at the top right corner of the screen and then click the settings button; the Settings utility will open. Now click the Dock tab to view the Dock settings in the right panel.

Move Ubuntu Launcher to Bottom

From the Position on screen drop-down, select your option depending on whether you want the Launcher to be placed to the Bottom or Right side of the screen.

As soon as you make the selection, your Launcher will be moved accordingly.

Ubuntu Launcher now shown at the bottom of the screen You can also change the icon size through the same Dock settings if they seem inappropriate to you. You can shift the Launcher to the right side of the desktop exactly in the similar manner described above.

Now you can enjoy a more customized look and feel of the Ubuntu Desktop!