How to Customize your Ubuntu Terminal Prompt

Customize bash prompt

Most Ubuntu systems use bash or dash as their default terminal application. You type your commands at a standard command prompt, which usually displays your username, hostname, and current directory in a predefined color scheme. Bash provides many customization options for the command prompt that allow you to not only add different functions to the … Read more

5 Ways to Edit PDF files in Ubuntu

Edit PDF file in Ubuntu

PDF or Portable Document Format is usually our first choice when it comes to printing, sharing, and sending documents, especially larger documents. On Windows and macOS, you probably are familiar with and rely on the widely used Acrobat products for viewing and editing PDF files. Unfortunately, there is no standard PDF editor on your Linux … Read more

How to block/allow ping using iptables in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Block Ping

What is iptables? Iptables is a command-line firewall program that allows or blocks traffic based on the policy chain used. Iptables takes a packet-based approach to monitor traffic. When a program tries to connect to your system, iptables looks for a rule from a predefined list. If a rule is not found, it falls back … Read more

How to Set JAVA_HOME Path in Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04


Many Java-based programs require the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run smoothly regardless of the operating system. For development, most IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans require the Java Development Kit (JDK) on your computer. Whether you’re a newbie who wants to learn how to develop or an application you have installed requires a Java installation … Read more

Managing logs with Logrotate on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Logrotate

The performance of a computer or server environment very much depends upon the system memory and disk usage. If something is consuming more disk space then it will lead to a system error. Likewise, increasing log file size must be controlled to reduce such risk. Logrotate was introduced as a system utility that rotates, compresses … Read more

6 Methods to Generate a Strong Password in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Strong Password

We all know how important it is to use strong passwords for our systems, online accounts, and other sensitive applications. The real question is how you generate a password that you can rely on and that meets the criteria of a strong password. Ideally, a strong password must contain lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and … Read more

Top 3 Video Players for Ubuntu

Best Ubuntu Media Players

There are many free and open-source video players for Ubuntu. Most of them do the basic tasks pretty well and you won’t miss anything you know from Windows that you could use on Ubuntu. However, some players offer additional features and you can choose which one is best for you based on the feature list. … Read more

Improving Notebook Battery Life in Ubuntu with TLP

Ubuntu Improve Battery Life

TLP is a free, open-source, and feature-rich utility for optimizing battery consumption on laptops running Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. You can find it in both CLI and GUI versions for your convenience. TLP comes with a default configuration that is pretty much perfect for your operating system and the underlying machine. All you need … Read more