How to install OpenProject on Ubuntu 20.04

OpenProject installation on Ubuntu

Open Project is an open-source application for project management that is completely web-based written in Ruby on Rails and Angular js. It provides agile as well as classical management for the entire project life-cycle. Generally, the open project is distributed in three versions: community, cloud, and enterprise edition. In this article, we will install a … Read more

How to scan a Debian server for rootkits with Rkhunter

Scan Debian for Rootkits

Rkhunter stands for “Rootkit Hunter” is a free and open-source vulnerability scanner for Linux operating systems. It scans for rootkits, and other possible vulnerabilities including, hidden files, wrong permissions set on binaries, suspicious strings in kernel etc. It compares the SHA-1 hashes of all files in your local system with the known good hashes in … Read more

How to Install Lumina Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Lumina Desktop

The Lumina Desktop Environment is a simple and compact interface that works with any Linux-based operating system. Lumina is built on the usage of plugins that also allow every user to personalize their interface. A system-wide standard style is also supplied, that the system administrator can alter. This enables each system to be tailored to … Read more

How to use Lynis Linux Security Audit Tool on Ubuntu

Lynis Linux security audit tool

Lynis is an open-source security auditing tool for extensive scanning of systems and its security defense to achieve compliance testing and system hardening. This software has been distributed under a GPL license since 2004. It assists in server hardening guidelines, software patch management, fully automatic auditing, Actually lynis doesn’t harden the server by itself but … Read more

Exa – A modern replacement for ls command

Linux Exa command

Listing the contents of a directory is a common task that Linux users carry out. The ls command is commonly used for this operation and it sure does a decent job in displaying all the files and sub-folders contained in a directory. With additional options, you can even display the file size, file permissions, and … Read more

How to install OpenOffice on Debian 10

Debian OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is an open-source and freely available office software package that is generally known as OpenOffice. As an alternative to Microsoft Office, users can use OpenOffice. Although OpenOffice uses a different file format than Microsoft Office, it can still open MS Office files. Installing the OpenOffice suite gives you access to a variety of … Read more