Copying Text to the Debian Terminal

Debian Terminal Clipboard

While working with the Terminal, we sometimes require copying a long command, file name or text from the web, a tutorial, or simply from some text file. You might have observed that the simple pasting control, Ctrl+V does not work in the Terminal. We all know that copying a text requires selecting it and then … Read more

How to install custom Fonts in Debian

Debian Font Installation

All operating systems come with a large set of fonts already installed in them. However, sometimes, you may need a new font that is not available in the preinstalled fonts. In that case, you will need to manually download and install that font in your system. This article is about explaining how to download and … Read more

How to Install IDLE Python IDE on Debian 10

IDLE Python Editor

IDLE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is a graphical user interface for Python development is well suited for newbies since it has a simple IDE feature list. The IDE allows you to edit, execute and debug Python programs in an easy GUI environment. It is supported on all major platforms, like Windows, Linux, Mac … Read more

The Linux Ping Command

The Linux Ping Command

Ping or Packet Internet Groper is a network management utility that can check the connection status between a source and destination computer/device over an IP network. It also helps you estimate the time it takes to send and receive a response from the network. We all have our favorite websites that we visit frequently; if … Read more

Install NFS Server and Client on Ubuntu

Ubuntu NFS Server and Client

NFS or Network File System is a distributed file system protocol originally developed only by Sun Microsystems. Through NFS, you can allow a system to share directories and files with others over a network. By sharing NFS files, users and even programs can access information on remote systems almost as if they were on a … Read more

Customize the Debian Command Line

Customize Debian Terminal

If you like to run all your tasks through the terminal like I do, you may have noticed how boring it sometimes gets with its black background and white/grey text. Fortunately, there are some ways to bring some life and color to the command line. Some try to change the background to some eye-friendly spot … Read more