How to Change your Ubuntu Computer Name (Hostname)

Change Ubuntu Hostname

What is a computer name (hostname)? Your computer name, in technical terms, is also referred to as the hostname of your computer system. A hostname is how other computers recognize your computer over a local network. Like on the Internet, we have URLs instead of hostnames. These URLs contain regular words like that we … Read more

Working with Calendars in the Linux Terminal

Using a Calendar on Linux shell

The graphical Calendar tool available on your Ubuntu system is pretty useful. However, if you are more Terminal-savvy, you can use the powerful command line utilities like cal and ncal in order to customize the way you want to view calendars for a specific month or year. This article explains the cal and ncal commands … Read more

Install and Configure Webmin on your Ubuntu System

Ubuntu Webmin installation

The Webmin console is your answer to on-the-fly management of Linux as an administrator. You can use any web browser to setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing, and much more. In this article, we will describe a step-by-step installation of Webmin on your Ubuntu system. We will also explain how to configure Webmin so … Read more

Give your Ubuntu User Account a Profile Picture

Specifying a profile picture for your user account is a great way of customizing your account in Ubuntu. You can then identify your account through your unique profile picture on the login screen as well as everywhere else. Giving your user account a profile picture is very simple in Ubuntu. In this article, we will … Read more

Four Web Browsers for the Linux Command Line

Linux Command Line Browser

Remember the days when the web was as simple as searchable text. The terminals and low powered personal computers were enough to access the text-based web over snail-paced internet connections. Of course, people then used the command-line web browsers to visit the web; these included the famous Lynx browser as well. Times have changed now, … Read more

How to Change/Spoof a MAC Address in Ubuntu

Change MAC address in Ubuntu

As Linux users, we sometimes need to change the MAC address of our network adapters. This process is also called spoofing or faking a MAC address. This article explains how to change a MAC address through an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system. What is a MAC Address MAC, that stands for Media Access Control, is a … Read more

How to Enable Auto-hiding the Ubuntu Launcher

Auto-hide dock on Ubuntu

You can customize your Ubuntu desktop in various ways depending on your preferences. One of these customization options is changing the way your Launcher or taskbar behaves when you expand an application window. By default, when you expand an application, the Launcher retains its place and you are left with lesser screen space for your … Read more