How to install XAMPP on CentOS 8

XAMPP is a cross-platform used as a local host, providing them a suitable environment for developers to test web applications before transferring data to remote servers.

XAMPP is an open-source Apache distribution of a PHP development environment. It consists of the cross-platform software Apache, Maria DB, PHP, and Perl. XAMPP package is not available on the CentOS8 repository, so we have to download it from the XAMPP official site.

Download XAMPP

Download XAMPP

XAMPP Installation on CentOS

Open up the terminal and navigate to the folder where your file has been downloaded (Downloads).

Replace <filename> with the name of the xampp file that you downloaded in all commands below.

Use the chmod command to make them executable with the following command:

chmod a+x <filename>

The next step is to run the installer and launch the graphical setup wizard with the following command:

Make XAMPP installer executable

# ./<filename>

Run XAMPP Installer

By default, XAMPP us install under /opt/lampp/ directory.

After the installation is completed, start the XAMPP by typing the following command:

# sudo /opt/lamp/lamp start


Now visit http://locahost/ for XAMPP output.

To visit PHPMyAdmin follow http://locahost/phpmyadmin/ link.

PHPMyAdmin with XAMPP

Uninstalling XAMPP

To uninstall the XAMPP navigate to the /opt/lampp directory, as shown in the figure.

Go to the xampp installation directory

Now type the following command to uninstall it.

# sudo ./uninstall

Run uninstall script

Now it will prompt you to confirm Uninstalling XAMPP. Just enter YES.

After successfully uninstall the XAMPP remove the directory by typing the following command:

# sudo rm –f /opt/lamp


In this tutorial, we learned how to Install and uninstall XAMPP on CentOS8. I hope this tutorial will help to set up XAMPP on CentOS8.