How to get a list of Symbolic Links on Linux

List Symlinks

A symbolic link also known as a soft link is a kind of a pointer that points to the location of a folder or a file on your system. Some of these links are created by default on your system, whereas you yourself can also create symbolic links manually for any of your desired files … Read more

How to Install Kubernetes minikube on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Minikube

“minikube” is a lightweight tool that allows you to run Kubernetes locally on your Linux, macOS, or Windows-based systems. It lets you enjoy almost all the features of Kubernetes without actually installing it on your system. It has the ability to run a single-node Kubernetes cluster on your target system. This tutorial shows you how … Read more

Linux tee command explained (with examples)

Linux tee Command

When you run basic commands on the terminal the output is usually printed to the terminal i.e standard out. But what if you could also save the output in a file as well as print it out to standard out? This is what the tee command does. The Linux tee command reads from stdin ( … Read more

Install and Use Psensor in Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Fan and Voltage Sensors

Psensor is a very useful utility for Linux-based systems that shows the values of the various sensors that are mounted on your mainboard. It is capable of displaying the temperature of the various components of your CPU, the rotation speed of your fans as well as your CPU usage. Apart from its command-line interface, it … Read more