How to Install and Use Ansible on Debian 10

Ansible on Debian

Whenever we talk about configuration management tools, the name that we hear most often is Ansible. It is a cross-platform tool that is designed to handle system configurations while working with Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems. Today, we will try to throw light on the procedure of installing Ansible on Debian 10. Installing Ansible … Read more

Killing frozen applications in Ubuntu 20.04

Kill frozen apps in Ubuntu

At times, in a computer system when applications are running the system might freeze and does not respond. This seems annoying since users are not even able to close the program by using the X icon on the UI of the application. This is because the processes/applications are not responding and they will not simply … Read more

How to Use GDB to Debug Programs in Ubuntu 20.04

Linux program debugger GDB

GNU Debugger (GDB) is an open-source debugger for GNU Systems. The debugger is portable and can be used for multiple languages as C/C++ and Fortran. It can be used for debugging programs by observing their states on specific breakpoints and even altering the flow or values for further execution. Usually, the GDB runs in command-line … Read more

How to Install Gradle Build-Tool on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Gradle Build-Tool installation

Gradle is a well-known software build-tool that is mostly used for development in Java, C++, and Swift. By combining all of the best features of Ant and Maven, it brings the best development practices to its users. Instead of using XML language for scripting, Gradle uses Groovy which is an OO language for defining the … Read more

How to Install and Configure MySQL in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Install MySQL on Ubuntu

MySQL, which stands for My (co-founder Michael Widenius’ daughter name) Structured Query Language, is an open source relational database management system. This RDBMS is supported by Oracle and runs on almost all platforms such as Linux, UNIX and MS Windows. MYSQL is usually the first choice for online publishing and web-based applications. Facebook, YouTube and … Read more