Fork, exec, wait and exit system call explained in Linux

Linux syscalls explained

The sequence of instructions and data that can be executed a single time, multiple time,s or concurrently are called programs. And the process is the execution of such programs. So those processes can run many programs. In the same process, the operating system can load different programs. Reused process states like current directories, privileges, file … Read more

How to install TimescaleDB on Ubuntu 20.04

TimescaleDB Installation on Ubuntu

If you are looking for a database for analyzing time series data, TimescaleDB might be the best option. TimescaleDB is based on PostgreSQL, but is tuned for speed and scalability when it comes to analyze time series data. It is an open source and free database system provided by the PostgreSQL developers. This database system … Read more

How to Install Rust Programming Language on AlmaLinux 8

Install Rust on Almalinux

Rust programming language is a multi-paradigm system programming language by Mozilla that focuses on having the best features of the C++ and Python languages with a focus on security. Rust was designed to be a safe, concurrent, and practical language. It aims to ensure memory safety while still maintaining performance, without needing any garbage collector … Read more

How to Install and Use Mono on Debian 11

Debian 11 Mono

Mono Framework is an open-source software framework that can be used to create all kinds of applications incl. games. Mono Framework is dependency-free (No C++ compiler required) and compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD. Mono Framework started as a fork of Microsoft’s .Net Framework v1.0 but now has grown to more than … Read more

How to Install and Use PHP Composer on Debian 11

PHP Composer

PHP Composer is a dependency manager for PHP. Dependency managers aid in application development and the process of invoking libraries and frameworks. Composer is a dependency manager for PHP with support for library and framework dependencies. It helps you manage your project’s dependencies, whether they are from Packagist, Github, or elsewhere. Composer is a real … Read more

How to Install NetBeans IDE on Debian 11

Install Netbeans on Debian 11

NetBeans IDE is an open-source and free extensible Java Integrated Development Environment that enables users and programmers to quickly develop Java EE, Java desktop, and web applications. It also supports developing HTML5 applications with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The NetBeans IDE provides various tools for software developers which support multiple programming languages such as PHP, … Read more