Website Load Testing with Apache JMeter on Ubuntu 20.04

Website Load Test

In this article, I will show you how to install Apache JMeter and how to use it to do load testing on websites. JMeter is an open-source Java-based load testing tool. It is useful to check and improve the performance after developing a new website. With load tests, it checks the performance of the system … Read more

How to Install Jenkins on Rocky Linux 8

Jenkins on Rocky Linux

Jenkins is an open-source automation server that helps with the automation of testing and building. Its usage has grown very quickly in open source, and more than 6000 projects use it. Some examples of Jenkins users are: Red Hat Facebook Google As such, Jenkins can be run on almost any hardware or operating system, which … Read more

How to Install Rudder System Configuration and Auditing Tool on Ubuntu 20.04

Rudder Linux System Auditing Tool

Rudder is an open-source and user-friendly web-based system configuration and audit tool. It helps you to manage your IT infrastructure by automating system configurations while ensuring visibility and control of your infrastructure. Two main components of Rudder are: Root server and node. Root server defines the configurations for the systems it manages. The systems managed … Read more

How to Install TeamSpeak Server on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu TeamSpeak Server

Teamspeak is a free voice chat software that can be used by teams, groups, and communities. It’s popular among gamers because it allows them to communicate complex strategies in real-time while playing their favorite game. Teamspeak has many other uses besides gaming though. It can also be used for running online conferences or meetings, distance … Read more

How to Upgrade Debian 10 (Buster) to Debian 11 (Bullseye)

Debian Distribution Upgrade

Debian 11, codenamed ‘bullseye’ was released on August 10th and is available for download. Debian 11 ships with a number of significant software improvements and enhancements including: Support a wide range of architectures including 64-bit ARM (arm64), ARMv7, 64-bit little-endian MIPS, IBM System Z, 64-bit& 32-bit systems, among others. A new ‘homeworld’ theme that was … Read more

How to encrypt block devices using LUKS on Linux

Sometimes you may want to encrypt your hard disk so that when someone connects your hard drive to their computer they need to provide user credentials to mount the drive. In Linux, it is possible to encrypt individual block devices. In this article, we will learn how to encrypt block devices in Linux using LUKS. … Read more

How to Install VirtualBox Guest Additions on Rocky Linux 8

VirtualBox Guest Additions on Rocky Linux

Running any operating system on a virtual box takes experience. You have to figure out various issues like connectivity issues and performance issues but out of all of them, the graphical issues is an exercise in patience. Not having fullscreen, shared clipboard, and file sharing limit your efficiency but also destroys the whole experience. VirtualBox … Read more