Four Ways to Open the Terminal in Debian

Open Debian Terminal

Although Linux users these days get to perform various operations through programs having high-end GUIs, there are multiple reasons to use the Linux command line called the Terminal. Through Terminal, you can access many powerful native Linux commands as well as the empowering command-line features of many desktop applications. You can install software on Linux … Read more

How to install notepad++ Editor on Debian 10

Debian Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free and open-source code editor. The tool offers a lot of features including syntax highlighting, code folding, autocompletion, autosave, guided indentation, line bookmarking, and split-screen editing, etc. This article focuses on installing the powerful and handy notepad++ editor on Debian 10 as a snap package. How to Install notepad++ using the terminal … Read more

How to Install TeamViewer on Debian 10

TeamViewer on Debian 10

TeamViewer is a popular application that can be used for desktop sharing, remote support, online meetings and file sharing between remote computers. It is a cross-platform application and can run on Windows and Linux, this means that you can use it to help friends and family remotely with Windows problems from your Linux desktop. Teamviewer … Read more

4 Ways to sign out of Debian 10 Desktop

Exit Debian 10 Desktop

When you are using a system with multiple user accounts, you have to use switch user option so that other users may access your system. But switching user account is not the optimum solution as it does not end a user’s session. All the opened applications of a user keep running in the background and … Read more