How to manage user accounts in Debian 10

Debian 10 User Management

System administrators create user accounts when they have finished setting up a new machine. Removing and assigning root privileges to existing users is also part of their job. In this article, I am going to discuss the topic of managing user accounts in Debian version 10. This includes creating a new user, changing the password, … Read more

How to Install JDownloader on a Ubuntu System

Install JDownloader on Linux

What is JDownloader? JDownloader is a Java-oriented download management application designed for easy and fast downloading. It is a free and mostly open-source  (GPLv3 licensed with some closed-source parts) downloading tool with a huge community of developers working on making downloading a faster and reliable experience. You can control this tool easily by starting, stopping, … Read more

How to Work with Nano Editor on Linux

File editing with nano on Linux

What is Nano editor The Nano editor is a simple, display-oriented and free text editor that comes by default with all Linux operating systems. It is a good alternative to the non-free Pico which comes by default with the Pine package. The programs such as Vi and emacs might be more powerful, but the smart … Read more