How to Install Skype on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Skype installation on Ubuntu 18.04

As we all know, Skype is the most popular platform to connect people through their computer systems. You can freely connect to anyone all around the world through text, voice, and video calls. You can also choose to call people on their telephones but that will not be free. Since Skype is such a useful … Read more

How to Free Up Space on Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu cleanup

From time to time, we need to clear up our system storage to make space for installing new programs and dealing with additional files. This is especially important when you have a low storage device or a limited storage capacity. Even if you have a large storage available but you are a person like me … Read more

8 Ways to Customize your Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

Customize Ubuntu Desktop

After installing a new Operating System that we intend to use for long, we start noticing the things we would like to customize according to our needs, preferences, and personal choices. It starts from the look & feel of the desktop, the arrangement of various applications installed on our system, the font and cursor size, … Read more