How to install Yarn NPM Client on Ubuntu and Manage Dependencies through it

Yarn MPM Package Manager

Yarn is an open-source npm client, developed at Facebook, that has many added benefits than the standard npm client.  With Yarn, you can opt for speed, license checks, robust installs, compatibility with npm, and multiple registries. With Yarn, you can also automate the management of packages or dependencies. This includes installation, upgrade, configuration and removal … Read more

How to Add/Remove PPA Repositories in Ubuntu

Ubuntu PPA Management

Whenever you want to install a software package to your Ubuntu system, you first refer to the official Ubuntu repository listed in your system’s sources.list file. If the software is not available there, you can install it through any PPA repository it is available on. PPA repositories are unofficial repositories of those software packages that … Read more

How to Change DNS Settings in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Ubuntu change DNS

People change DNS settings for a lot of reasons. Sometimes the websites are not loading properly, sometimes the scripts of the web page are not functioning properly. Usually flushing the DNS cache can help resolve most of the issues but if it is not working for you then changing the DNS settings might help you … Read more

4 Ways to Kill Unresponsive Applications in Ubuntu

Kill unresponsive Ubuntu apps

While using Ubuntu, one or more of our processes and applications might hang out from time to time. Restarting our system is not always the optimal solution and we find ourselves looking for ways through which we can quickly, easily, and safely get rid of the unresponsive applications and programs. In this article, we will … Read more

How to Activate Two-Finger Scrolling in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Ubuntu Two Finger Scrolling

If you have been using MacBook for a long time, your fingers might be accustomed to the very helpful two-finger scrolling facility. Luckily, you can use the same feature through Ubuntu on your other laptops as well, especially when your touchpad is manufactured by Synaptics. The Two-Finger Scrolling Feature For those who are not familiar … Read more