How to speed-up an Ansible Playbook

Speed up Ansible

Ansible is an open-source IT automation tool for continuous deployments or zero downtime rolling updates, software deployment, configuration management, and orchestration of more advanced IT tasks. Ansible minimizes the workloads and saves a lot of time during server configuration and application deployment. In some scenarios we do have to maintain a large number of servers … Read more

How to install Swift Programming Language on CentOS 8

Swift Programming Language CentOS

Swift is a modern general-purpose, open-source, and high-performing compiled programming language. It was developed by Apple for iOS application development and released in 2014. However, it can also be used for cloud service, systems programming, and design more other applications. Swift language is used as a replacement for the older language such as Objective-C. As … Read more

How to send Processes to the Background on Linux

Linux Background Process

While using any operating system, there can be multiple processes running on it. These processes are mainly categorized as the background processes and the foreground processes. As the name says, a background process is one that runs silently in the background without requiring any human intervention. On the other hand, a foreground process is the … Read more

How to scan a Debian server for rootkits with Rkhunter

Scan Debian for Rootkits

Rkhunter stands for “Rootkit Hunter” is a free and open-source vulnerability scanner for Linux operating systems. It scans for rootkits, and other possible vulnerabilities including, hidden files, wrong permissions set on binaries, suspicious strings in kernel etc. It compares the SHA-1 hashes of all files in your local system with the known good hashes in … Read more