Getting the most out of Linux Bash history command

Bash history command

The Linux command line – the terminal – stores history of commands executed in the past by a user. This history is persistent and remains in memory even if we reboot our system. We can retrieve and reuse these stored commands to make the most of the history storage feature of the bash shell. The … Read more

How to customize Bash Terminal prompt on Debian 10

Customize Bash Prompt

The bash Linux shell provides many customization options for the prompt that you can use not only to incorporate various features in the prompt but also to differentiate them through different colors. In this article, we will use various examples to customize and recolor the prompt of our Terminal application that will enable you to … Read more

How to install VMware Workstation on Centos 8

VMWare Workstation on CentOS 8

VMware Workstation is a software that is used for virtualization. Using a virtual machine, you can operate multiple operating systems on a single host computer. VMware workstation pro is used to create a single instance for Windows or Linux simultaneously. The concept of virtualization is useful not only for individuals also important for enterprises and … Read more