How to Generate an SSH Key in CentOS 8


SSH (Secure Shell) is an encrypted protocol to connect with a remote device. By default, it works on TCP port 22. There are two methods to connect with the remote server using SSH, one is by using the password authentication, and another way is to authenticate is by the public key. In this tutorial, we … Read more

Do Math on Linux Command Line with expr command

Linux expr command

The Linux terminal (shell) allows you to perform mathematical calculations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, increment, and comparison of multiple numbers easily. This tutorial will show you various examples of basic mathematical calculations using expr command. I have performed all the commands and procedures on Debian 10, but the commands will work on any other … Read more

How to install Firefox Browser on Debian 10

Install Firefox Browser

Firefox is an open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation. It is the second most popular browser after Google Chrome. This tutorial demonstrates how to install Firefox on Debian 10 from its command line. There are different ways, but we will focus on installing a Firefox from the official Debian repository. Prerequisites You need … Read more

How to set up an FTP Server on CentOS 8 using VSFTPD


What is FTP? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a client-server network protocol that allows users to exchange files to and from remote computers. FTP uses plain text to transfer data and access data. There are several different open-source FTP servers available for the Linux operating system platform. The most commonly used FTP servers are VSFTPD, … Read more

How to install multiple Java versions on CentOS 8

CentOS Java Installation

Java is one of the most widely used high-level programming languages and was originally developed by Sun Microsystems.  It is used to create a complete application or systems that can run on a single computer system or in a distributed server environment. In addition, Java is also used to create a small application or applet … Read more