How to create Documents in Ubuntu

Create Documents in Ubuntu

There are several methods to create documents in Ubuntu both using GUI and command line. All these methods are really simple and easy to use. You may have used these methods earlier in Ubuntu for some other purposes. However, in this article, we will show you 8 different ways to create documents in Ubuntu. For … Read more

Three ways to Listen to Radio via Ubuntu Terminal

Lsiten to Internet radio in Ubuntu

We, the Terminal-savvy people, do not like to leave the comfort of the command line and go somewhere else to do our activities. We always find ways to do all our stuff right inside the Terminal. Why should listening to radio be any different? In this article, we will describe three tools through which you … Read more

How to install Sublime Text 3 Code Editor on Ubuntu

Sublime 3 Coding Editor

Sublime Text is a powerful text editor that is mostly used for web and software development. It can be installed and used on multiple platforms ie Windows, Linux, and MAC. Sublime text has a lot of functionalities and it supports many programming and markup languages. You can enhance its functionalities by installing new plug-ins. It … Read more