How to do a Screencast in Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Screencast

While many people don’t consider screen-casting to be a very important activity, but if you are faced with the task of creating a guide, tutorial or presentation you’ll understand its significance. There are many screen-casting solutions available for Ubuntu 20.04, and more keep on getting released every day to address this need. In this tutorial, … Read more

How to install OpenProject on Ubuntu 20.04

OpenProject installation on Ubuntu

Open Project is an open-source application for project management that is completely web-based written in Ruby on Rails and Angular js. It provides agile as well as classical management for the entire project life-cycle. Generally, the open project is distributed in three versions: community, cloud, and enterprise edition. In this article, we will install a … Read more

How to Install Lumina Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu Lumina Desktop

The Lumina Desktop Environment is a simple and compact interface that works with any Linux-based operating system. Lumina is built on the usage of plugins that also allow every user to personalize their interface. A system-wide standard style is also supplied, that the system administrator can alter. This enables each system to be tailored to … Read more

How to use Lynis Linux Security Audit Tool on Ubuntu

Lynis Linux security audit tool

Lynis is an open-source security auditing tool for extensive scanning of systems and its security defense to achieve compliance testing and system hardening. This software has been distributed under a GPL license since 2004. It assists in server hardening guidelines, software patch management, fully automatic auditing, Actually lynis doesn’t harden the server by itself but … Read more

How to Setup Network Bonding in Ubuntu 20.04

Network Bonding

The practice of merging different network interfaces into one is known as network bonding or pairing. The main goal of network binding is to enhance performance and capacity while also ensuring network redundancy. Furthermore, network bonding is advantageous where fault allowances are a crucial consideration, such as in load balancing connections. Packages for network bonding … Read more