How to install Deepin desktop environment on Ubuntu

Until now, Deepin possesses the sleekest desktop environment. It is probably one of the most beautiful and best user-friendly desktop Linux distribution. When we talk about visual appeals, I would not be wrong in saying that it has blown away the Windows 10 and MacOS.

Deepin is an elegant and easy to use desktop environment that optimizes your desktop depending upon your system hardware. Its benefits spans across many notable features that are mostly concern with the Desktop environment. Cloud printing, improved file manager, much easier, straight-forward installer, with built-in apps like Skype, Spotify, and other many notable features have been pre-installed in Deepin. You can install Deepin desktop environment on Linux OS like Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Arch Linux, etc.

The Deepin desktop environment includes some additional built-in features such as:

  • Pre-installed Samba
  • Unique app menu
  • Multitasking view
  • Cloud printing
  • Font installer
  • Application store
  • Deepin boot maker
  • Redesigned control center

In this article, we will learn how to install Deepin desktop environment on Ubuntu OS. The procedure mentioned in this article for installation of Deepin desktop environment is tested upon the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Step 1: Add the Deepin Linux repository to Ubuntu

Deepin Desktop Environment packages are not official and published by the third party. Therefore, we will need to add them to our system.

To do so, press Ctrl+Alt+T to launch the Terminal. Then run the following in Terminal:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:leaeasy/dde

Press Enter to continue.

Add Deepin Ubunru PPA

Step 2: Update your system package manager

After adding the repository, now update your system package manager with new Deepin Linux repository. Run the following command in Terminal as sudo to update package manager:

$ sudo apt-get update

Update package lists

Step 3: Installing Deepin Desktop environment

Now with everything up to date, you will need to install Deepin desktop environment.

Run the following command in Terminal as sudo:

$ sudo apt install dde

Install Deepin Desktop DDE

During the installation of the Deepin Desktop environment, it will ask if you want to select the default login or display manager. Just press Enter. Then select GDM3 and press Enter.

Step 4: Installing Deepin File Manager

When the above installation is finished, you will need to install Deepin File Manager. To do so, run the following command in Terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install dde-file-manager

Install Deepin File manager

Step 5: Installing Deepin desktop theme

If you want to install the Deepin desktop theme for a better look, run the following command in Terminal as sudo:

$ sudo apt install deepin-gtk-theme

Install Deepin Theme

Step 6: Login to Deepin Desktop environment

You have done the basic and essential setup for setting up a Deepin desktop environment. Now its time to restart your system and login to Deepin desktop environment.

Type following command in terminal to restart your system:

$ sudo reboot

After the system is rebooted, you will see the login screen. Enter your credentials and click on the settings icon on the left side of the Sign In button. Select Deepin option and click on Sign In. Deepin Desktop Login

Once logged in, you will see the new installed Deepin desktop environment. Here is the Deepin Desktop application launcher screen.

Deepin Desktop on Ubuntu Linux

Deepin Linux offers eye-pleasing and elegant Desktop look and feel. In this article, we have learned how to install Deepin Desktop environment in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Now you can install and use as many apps and enjoy the new and sleek experience in your Deepin Desktop environment.