How to use Email Encryption in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Email Encryption with OpenPGP

Encrypting everything online including your emails has become necessary. Your confidential information such as login credentials, social security numbers, and bank account details becomes vulnerable when you sent them through emails. Email encryption involves masking the content to the email message to prevent them from being read by unauthorized persons. Sending encrypted emails in Linux … Read more

Optimize JPEG/JPG Images in Ubuntu with Jpegoptim

Oprimize jpeg images

The image resolution capability of today’s photo capturing devices like smartphones and digital cameras is increasing day by day. The real deal comes when we have to share these images, upload them on a cloud facility, or even save them on a device with restricted storage. Graphic designers also have to deal with the same … Read more

How to setup DHCP server on Ubuntu

Ubuntu DHCP Server

DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol), as you all know is a network protocol that automatically assigns IP addresses to clients machines in the network. It eliminates the tedious work of manually assigning IP address to every machine in a large network. In addition, it removes the conflict that occurs because of mistakenly assigning the same … Read more

How To Install The Budgie Desktop on Ubuntu

The Budgie Desktop

The Budgie Desktop is one of the latest and modern Gnome-based desktop that gives a minimal and elegant desktop experience and is available for all major Linux distributions. It is designed in such a way that it utilizes fewer system resources. Budgie desktop has a straight forward app launcher that is known as Budgie menu … Read more

How to Install Android File Transfer for Linux on Ubuntu

Android File Transfer

We often need to exchange a large amount of data including documents, mp3 files, videos, pictures among Linux and Android devices. Although using wireless technology, you can transfer data between them but transferring via USB cable is a reliable and fast way. For Linux users, we have a tool available known as Android File Transfer … Read more