How to reset Ubuntu

Reset Ubuntu

New Linux users are often faced with problems due to accidental changes in their system that eventually result in unstable system performance. But what about resetting the entire operating system to its factory default settings without re-installing it using a Live CD/DVD image. That means to return your system back to the original state when … Read more

How to install OBS Screen Recording Software on Debian 10

Debian Screen Recording

OBS stands for “Open Broadcast Software which is a screen recording and streaming tool”. It is an open and free-source software providing the following features: Multiple Themes Multiple video sources filters Intuitive audio mixer Real-time audio/video capturing and mixing Streamlined settings panel Powerful configuration option The software is easy to use and stands among the … Read more

How to Install Arduino IDE on Linux Mint 20

Arduino IDE

The Arduino IDE software is an integrated development environment for Arduino that includes a text editor for writing code and a compiler for compiling the code for uploading to your Arduino. The Arduino IDE is supported on many operating systems, and the Linux system is no exception. Many Linux users worldwide can use this tutorial … Read more

How to Open and Edit Files and Folders on Debian GNOME Desktop as an Administrator

Open File as root user

While working with files and folders as a Linux Administrator, we frequently need to access and edit files and folders that require root/super-user permissions. We usually perform this task through the Debian Terminal(the command line utility) using the sudo function. However, when we need to edit files that require root privileges through the Graphical Interface, … Read more

How to Access Google Drive on Debian 10

Debian Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and synchronization service that allows users to keep, synchronize, and share files across many devices. It offers 15GB of free storage space for each Google account to store files. In this article, we will explain how to access Google Drive account in the Debian system. The process involves connecting … Read more

How to Install Skype on Debian 10

Debian Skype Installation

Skype is one of the most popular communication application developed by Microsoft. It allows for instant messaging and audio, video calls. Some other features of Skype include conference call, screen sharing, file sharing, and voice messaging. Skype is not an open-source application and it is not available in the Debian package repositories. So, we will … Read more