How to use the history command on CentOS 8

Linux History Command

The ‘history’ command is used to display the terminal history. It keeps the history of all terminal commands executed on your system. It also allows users to replay or reuse previously executed commands on the terminal without having to type them all again. So the History command is useful in the situation when the user … Read more

How to add/remove PPA repositories in Debian

Debian PPA Repository

Linux users install the majority of the programs from their centralized official repository listed in the sources.list file. However, if the program is not listed in the repository list, you can install it via its PPA (personal package archive). These are unofficial repositories that Launchpad made available to users. Launchpad is a collaboration platform developed … Read more

How to install Arduino IDE on CentOS 8

Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE stands for the “Arduino Integrated Development Environment”. Arduino is used to create electronic devices that communicate with their environment using actuators and sensors. Arduino IDE contains an editor that is used for writing and uploading programs to the Arduino board. Before start to create projects through Arduino, the user needs to set up … Read more

Installing PHP 8 on Debian 10

Debian PHP 8

PHP is a general-purpose open-source scripting language that can be embedded in HTML. It stands for HypertextProcessor and is widely used in web development. A scripting language is used to write ready-made programs that are later used to automate tasks. PHP scripts are often used on Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS, and other operating systems. … Read more

Run Commands with a Time Limit in Ubuntu 20.04

Linux Time Limit

In today’s article, we will try to learn the different methods of running the commands with a time limit in Ubuntu 20.04. Running Linux Commands with a Time Limit For running the commands with a specified time limit in Ubuntu, you can follow any of the two methods described below: Method # 1: By using … Read more