How to change the Time Limit for a Sudo Session

Change sudo timeout

While performing some administrative tasks on the command line with sudo privileges, you might have noticed this situation that if you enter a sudo password, the command runs normally. For subsequent commands that run shortly after the first sudo command,  password is not required. However, after waiting for some time if you again run the … Read more

Convert Documents to PDF on the Debian Command Line

Debian PDF Converter

PDF or the Portable Document Format is mostly our first choice when it comes to printing, sharing and emailing documents, especially the larger ones. For Windows and macOS, you might be very much familiar, and also dependent on, the widely used Acrobat products for pdf file creation, viewing, and editing. Unfortunately, there is no default … Read more

How to Install and Configure LAMP Server on Ubuntu

Ubuntu LAMP Server

LAMP or LAMP stack is a very useful open-source development platform designed for Linux. It is called LAMP as it uses Linux as an OS, Apache as the webserver, MySQL as Relational DBMS and PHP as the scripting language. Installing LAMP on Ubuntu is fairly simple. This article describes a very convenient way to install … Read more

How to Install Software trough Flatpak on Debian 10

Debian FlatPak Software

Flatpak is a universal package system for software deployments, application virtualization, and most importantly package management that works on all Linux distros. With a Flatpak package, you don’t need to worry about any dependencies and libraries as everything is already bundled within the application itself. A notable feature of Flatpak is that all apps work … Read more