Convert text to voice with eSpeak on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Text To Voice Conversion Software

eSpeak is a compact open-source software speech synthesizer for English and other languages, for Linux and Windows. In this article, we will explain how you can install the command like tool eSpeak and its GUI alternative Gespeaker on your Ubuntu. Here is some basic intro to the two tools: eSpeak: This command-line tool takes input … Read more

How to use Twitter Lite App on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Twitter Lite App

Most of the people around the globe want to engage with the rest of the world whether living in main cities with fast 3G, 4G connections or living in area with very slow internet connectivity. Twitter is one of the ways to engage and to stay on top of what is happening in the world … Read more

How to Create a Bootable Ubuntu USB stick on Linux

Bootable Ubuntu USB Stick

You might want to create a bootable USB stick from Ubuntu itself for various reasons. Some of these include: Installing/upgrading Ubuntu Having the experience of the Ubuntu desktop without involving your system configurations Using the USB stick to fix a configuration issue through the default tools that come with the Ubuntu ISO package There are … Read more

How to Downgrade Packages on Ubuntu

Downgrade Ubuntu Packages

Ubuntu package manager keeps the packages updated by upgrading them to the latest version. But sometimes due to the upgrade, programs do not work smoothly because of bugs or compatibility issues in the new version as compared to the previous versions. We can overcome this issue by downgrading the installed packages to their earlier versions … Read more

How to use Email Encryption in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Email Encryption with OpenPGP

Encrypting everything online including your emails has become necessary. Your confidential information such as login credentials, social security numbers, and bank account details becomes vulnerable when you sent them through emails. Email encryption involves masking the content to the email message to prevent them from being read by unauthorized persons. Sending encrypted emails in Linux … Read more